Marketing plan for a construction company

After several years of decline in the market of construction, McGraw-Hill Construction estimated that the construction industry would increase by 8% in 2011. While this is certainly good news for those working in industry, construction it remains a very competitive business. The company’s construction market their products and services effectively can be successful and the best way to do this is by creating a detailed marketing plan.

Set goals

In the first part of a marketing plan for a company building must set goals. You have to set realistic and measurable goals you want to achieve in the next year. For example, a goal might be to help sponsor an annual event where volunteers come together to build homes for the homeless in your area. Or, you can speak at meetings of the chamber of commerce to publicize your business. The key is to write goals that are specific, measurable, for example, “to raise US $ 25,000 in the annual housing construction in June 2011″.

Market research

The next part of your marketing plan is to conduct market research. Collect market information can help you make more accurate predictions about the growth in the construction industry in your area, to identify strengths and weaknesses of your competition, and grow your business. While conducting market research is somewhat slow and potentially costly, there are different ways you can do it.

If you have a big budget for marketing, hiring a market research company it is the fastest and effectively. If you do not have the budget to hire outside help, you can carry out your own research attending meetings of the Chamber of Commerce, knowing the trends building in your city, studying the marketing strategies of your competitors and using the Internet for information relevant.

Target audience

Analyzes the information you collected in market research and use it to determine your target market, which is the group of customers with your construction company does business with more frequency.

Market research can help you better know your target customers. For example, if your construction company is aimed at customers of commercial real estate, maybe you made during the investigation of market surveys revealed that these customers tend to be middle-aged men and make use of technology. Use the information you collected to create a detailed profile of your market, including gender, age, income level and their technology preferences.

Marketing strategies

The last part in a marketing plan is to identify what your advertising strategies, which are promotional methods you use to promote your construction company will be. These strategies depend on the results of market research. For example, if the profile of your target customer is made by developers of commercial properties that are users of technology, using strategies and tactics of advertising such as advertising with search engines, mobile advertising and social media to promote your business. Describe each of the tactics they use to promote your construction company and set an implementation schedule. Be sure to include a budget for the strategies and how you plan to spend on each.