Construction costs of building a house

Construction costs for the construction of a house vary considerably between geographic regions. Variable costs such as labor, supplies, local taxes and fees are the central drivers for discrepancies. Typically, the cost of home construction can be estimated accurately as there are numerous residential projects in each market to serve as a comparison or reference.


Geographic locations will significantly alter the cost of housing construction. Some areas are abundant with the resources and thus the prices of the house are smaller. Areas where resources are scarce are able to charge a large premium on these costs. For example, Maryland home building costs are typically the highest in the nation. Much of this is derived from the small blue collar work force in the region. Contractors and subcontractors trade unions charge a premium for their services, which in turn raises housing construction costs.


Many people see the cost of housing construction as unpredictable and random. With any reputable contractor, this is simply not the case. House construction typically utilizes common wood construction techniques that serve as an industry normalization. Because of this, you can easily estimate the cost of a home in a particular geographic region. Associated General Contractors of America publishes costs per square foot of housing construction in all regions. Access to this information through its website in the resources section. You can use this cost per square foot to determine your predicted cost based on the size of the desired home page. For example in California, the average cost per square foot of new construction is $ 75; starting from this value,


One of the elements that will affect the cost of construction in your geographic region is the quality of the finishes selected for your home. If a house is designed with high end finishes, as expected the cost of construction will be more. For example, a home with marble counters and mahogany panels (two very expensive materials) will cost more than a home built in the area.


An example of home construction costs is not predictable is when the owner constantly asks for changes to the original design. If a contractor is forced to re-work the construction and new materials for the construction of a house of order, then usually costs are increased. The best method to maintain an estimated cost is to minimize the design change as much as possible once construction has begun.

Expert penetration

Housing construction costs are a simple enough for experts. However, for those people who are unfamiliar with the construction industry, they can be a puzzle. Make sure you form a strong relationship with your contractor before hiring for the project. You will have to rely on your experience to achieve a desired result and cost. In addition, take time for housing construction costs in your immediate area. You can accomplish this by contacting local contractors and asking about the square feet costs of recent home projects.