Build a house

Building the perfect home can really be a challenge, considering the great adventure that we face. It requires of us the maximum attention, it requires multiple knowledge in financial subjects, techniques of work, installations, procedures with the administrations, etc. But do not be scared, others have already done so and are now proud owners of their homes.

Build a house … but, please, no fright

Whether it’s the dream home or a commercial property: Building a home is always a small adventure, either for the costs or for the time that is needed for its construction. But it is an adventure whose happy ending can be planned.

How? In this sense I would like to make a small contribution on this website, not only for the private developer (self-construction), but also for the builders and investors who want to build a house. It is not necessarily intended to satisfy all the requirements in an exhaustive way; since, under no circumstances, professional advice could be substituted at the time of building a house.

Rather, it is about providing a first approximation to the subject, providing valuable information on how to build a house and smart real estate, in a simple and easy to understand way. The exhibition of topics starts with the terrain, continues with the best financing of building and planning, to other issues such as air conditioning, technical installations.

Management of works or legal aspects, energy efficiency and modern. It is surprising the lack of essential knowledge that people have, when they want to build a house or think about buying a home. And that, even though building a house means – for the majority – the biggest investment of our lives, which has more consequences in relation to monthly payments.

The property – form vs. function

“Form follows function” or “Function follows form”? (Is the function subordinate to the design or is the design subordinate to the function?)

Both aspects are part of the old and endless discussion of my fellow architects, both against and in favor. That is to say: when it comes to building a house is paramount for some distribution and design, while for others it is essential to build a house especially practical and functional. For me there is no possible discussion: both aspects must be reconciled when building a house.

A functional home, but aesthetically not very suitable, is as undesirable as a nice building, but nothing practical. Aspects like function and design are the ones that bother the most when incorrect planning is done. Or, what good is a washing area next to the kitchen, if then the drying area is three floors above? Or why these spacious dining rooms, whose use is restricted to once every five years?

It would not make sense to develop an architecture without a well-defined function, but neither would it have, if due attention is not given to aesthetics, when designing the spaces, a fundamental part that serves to improve the needs of a project.

Plans for the future: other issues related to: building a house, to provide further clarification on this matter. Some issues will be taken up for its due updating.